Southampton Cultural Center
United We Laugh

United We Laugh

Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

at Southampton Cultural Center
25 Pond Lane
Southampton, NY 11968 USA

by Southampton Cultural Center

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Race relations have been the most explosive issue in America for quite some time. One of the biggest topics for debate in this country today, the issue has created an angry divide. A major part of this dilemma is our inability to see the alternate perspective. We need to hear another’s point of view in a way that’s more relatable and less volatile. The only way to accomplish this, one that’s been overlooked, is through humor. Off-the-cuff honesty in humor has been compromised by a spike in sensitivity on all sides to the fear of offending. Humor is the most important tool in American society, and yet, the one component that seems to be lacking when it comes to race relations.
A cutting-edge new comedy show seeks to tackle bigotry by bringing together comics who will stand up to break through and bridge the racial divide with laughter and conversation. “United We Laugh” is a show designed to heal through hope and lead through laughter. Created by comedian Richie Byrne, the show’s goal is to help to ease the racial tensions in America through humor and shared dialogue.
Presented by Southampton Village, the Southampton Anti-Bias Task Force, and the Southampton Cultural Center — and moderated by James “Dr. Love” Banks — the event unfolds on Thursday, Nov. 21, at the Southampton Cultural Center, located at 25 Pond Lane in Southampton, NY. Doors open at 6 p.m.; the show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets for the show cost $20. $10 for students under 21.
The tour features creator and host Richie Byrne and a diverse mix of comedians — including Gina Brillon , James Goff and Mark DeMayo— representing all sides of the heated racial debate. The first act follows the format of any other comedy show. The comedians will perform their acts, infusing the evening with hilarity and intelligence as they spotlight thought-provoking racial issues. Act II unfolds with all four comics onstage discussing “hot button topics” about racism in America. In a groundbreaking new format, the audience will become a critical component in the show’s diverse canvas.
Comedy should still be the focal point of the discussion in the hopes of finding a common ground. America has become too rigid, too serious. This attitude has made our country dangerous. We need to open up and explore our feelings. Comedy is a unique way to do this. “United We Laugh” seeks to offer understanding and insight into another person’s racial point of view. By shifting the focus toward “funny” these issues may not seem as dangerously divisive.

Venue Details:
Southampton Cultural Center
25 Pond Lane
Southampton, NY 11968 USA

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